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Putting a Value on Working with a Recruiting Firm

Happy Friday! We have not had a blog in some time, and apologize as it has been quite the summer. I had a small bout with skin cancer, but I am happy to say I won after a successful day of MOHS surgery! Now as we head into fall, and we have seen hiring start to pick up, I thought I would share some quick thoughts on the value of working with a recruiter from a client's standpoint.

  1. When an applicant chooses to use Indeed, Monster, and even ZipRecruiter, it is very easy to apply to any job they are interested in without having the right skill sets needed to be successful in the job as deemed by the employer. What this does is adds hundreds, maybe thousands of applicants who are unqualified mixed in with many who are. Going through that many resumes and profiles can get very tiresome and frustrating I imagine. In many cases the qualified candidates will never be seen, or by the time they do, may have already accepted another job opportunity. A recruiter (who sources) will be able to identify and have a one on one conversations with these folks to weed out anyone who may not be a good fit and find those top candidates to present directly to the client. I have had several conversations during my many years of recruiting with applicants who said they applied to some of the recruiting websites, but never heard back from the client. Just over the past month, after checking with a couple of clients, it turns out each hiring manager never had a chance to see 4 qualified candidates because of the hundreds of resumes they got lost in. With 2 cases, the applicants interviewed, and were hired. If the client relied strictly on a recruiting website, they would have missed out. There is no telling how often this happens.

  2. When it comes to recruiting fees, I absolutely understand if you can keep recruiting in house, you can save the company money. That said, at what cost, particularly if it comes to technical positions. For instance, let's take a maintenance technician. These are the folks who are making sure the equipment is running throughout the plant in order to maintain production. If a machine goes down, it is up to them to diagnose the issue, and get it up and running as quickly as possible. Because, guess what, the longer a machine is down, the longer it takes the product to get out the door = the company not making money. Now if the company is looking to hire a maintenance technician, and has had the position posted for let's say 2-3 weeks because they do not want to pay an outside firm to fill the role, just think about how much money it is costing the company every day that position is not filled. From equipment issues being delayed to fix because they are not properly staffed, to overtime to keep up with the production demand, it is costing more than you think to leave it open rather than getting outside recruiting assistance and paying a one time fee. At Dennis Staffing Partners, on average it takes us 3-5 days to present candidates for technical roles. In many cases in less time. And on a contingency basis!! That means we don't collect a fee until the person is hired. This gives the client quite the secondary outlet while they can also continue to still recruit on their own. Transparently it is a winning situation for both parties.

  3. Lastly, let us do the heavy lifting. With a lot of companies tying in HR responsibilities with recruiting, those folks do not simply have the time to go through every single resume effectively, while maintaining all employee relations, benefits, payroll, etc... for a 500 person facility. And if they do, BRAVO!! For us in general, we will source through hundreds of candidates for one opening. It is our job to make you look good when the hiring managers see the candidates being presented to them. All we look for is an opportunity to prove ourselves!

Thank you for reading and please be kind to one another!


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